About us

Since 2006 we have been the proud owners of our first English Cocker Spaniel, Diddlina of the Dollardhoeve. We call her Hekkie. We have bought her from Ute Rötgers of De Dollardhoeve kennels. She’s a delightful dog and soon after she came to live with us we decided to have a go at breeding a litter ourselves. In 2008 we had our first and from that litter we have kept a bitch, named Amalia Bernice from the Lijure hoeve. We call her Momo. Also we have Flora from France and Inez from Sweden.  Apart from our four English Cocker Spaniels we also have Belle, our Gordon Setter.

Our dogs are very much active members of the family, which also includes our three kids, Lise, Juul and Rens, after which we have named our kennels. Most of the time they are a very busy pack, as you can imagine! Fortunately we have a spacious home and a large garden, in which the dogs can run about to their hearts’ content. Occasionally we breed a litter, completely in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Spaniel Club. The puppies are born and reared in our home among the family and animals.

I wish you a lot of fun for reading my site,